William Thornberry

all_count 567
all_rank 155
chamber_count 508
chamber_rank 125
contrib_end May 19, 2013
contrib_start Jan 1, 2013
contrib_total 198015
district_holding 13
district_running 13
first_name William
full_name William Thornberry
gender M
ico I
last_name Thornberry
office_holding House
office_running House
party Republican
person_id 4488
state TX
status No Status
Contributor Contribution

Great Western Dist. Co. 1275

roberts truck ctr 1350

The Grossman Group, Llc 1000

Toot 'n Totum 1275

Laddex Ltd. 825

Ginnings Company 850

Sprouse, Shrader, Smith, P.c. 775

Walsh And Watts, Inc. 775

Neely, Craig & Walton 625

Tx Alliance Of Energy Prod. 650

Allred Thompson Higginbotham 575

Amarillo National Bank 5100

Budweiser Dist. Co. 2350

Eagle Oil And Gas Co; 2350

Cw Bolin Properties 2000

Wdw Management 2000

brown and fortunato pc 1625

Bevo Production Co. 2000

Bell Hellicopter 1350

Patterson Auto Ctr. 1375

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