Tulsi Gabbard

all_count 567
all_rank 316
chamber_count 508
chamber_rank 279
contrib_end May 19, 2013
contrib_start Jan 1, 2013
contrib_total 84136
district_holding 2
district_running 2
first_name Tulsi
full_name Tulsi Gabbard
gender F
ico I
last_name Gabbard
office_holding House
office_running House
party Democratic
person_id 6367
state HI
status No Status
Contributor Contribution

Syntel 1000

The National Group 1000

State Of California 500

People For The American Way 500

Megatoys 500

Monsoon Capital 500

The Todd Group 500

mapleton investments 500

Absi Corporation 500

Housing Capital Advisory Llc 500

Beekman Advisors, Inc. 500

Mosaic 5200

Hawaii Auto Group 2500

Premier Oncology Hematology Associates 2600

Bad Robot 1000

California Car Group 2500

Coalition For International Initiative 1000

Kiwitech 1000

Akimeka, Llc 1000

Ke`aki Technologies Llc 1000

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