Shelley Moore Capito

all_count 567
all_rank 21
chamber_count 59
chamber_rank 17
contrib_end May 19, 2013
contrib_start Jan 1, 2013
contrib_total 940595
district_holding {{{district_holding}}} [[Category:Politicians running in district {{{district_holding}}}]]
first_name Shelley
full_name Shelley Moore Capito
gender F
last_name Capito
office_holding {{{office_holding}}} [[Category:Politicians holding office {{{office_holding}}}]]
office_running Senate [[Category:Politicians running for office {{{office_holding}}}]]
party Republican
person_id 10576
state WV
status Not Yet A Statutory Candidate
Contributor Contribution

Sunwise Technology 5200

Sab Capital 5200

Gardner Realtors 5200

Home Maker 5200

Jennmar 5100

Standard Mortgage 5200

National Electric Co. 5000

Discover Financial 5000

Patriot Coal 5000

Powell Companys 5000

Phillips Machine Service Inc. 5000

Powell Construction 25000

Jackson Kelly PLLC 12950

Alpha Natural Resources 14250

Eastern American Energy Corp. 10400

Jackson & Kelly Pllc 11950

Alliance Coal 9000

Powell Companies 10000

Energy Corp. Of America 5200

Discover Financial Services 6500

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