Jackie Speier

all_count 567
all_rank 435
chamber_count 508
chamber_rank 396
contrib_end May 19, 2013
contrib_start Jan 1, 2013
contrib_total 33358
district_holding 14
district_running 14
first_name Jackie
full_name Jackie Speier
gender F
ico I
last_name Speier
office_holding House
office_running House
party Democratic
person_id 6946
state CA
status No Status
Contributor Contribution

Stanford Hospital 250

Childrens And Research Hospital 250

Samceda 250

Sequoia Hospital 250

Podesta Group 250

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital 250

conceptus 250

Patricia Bresee 250

Liberty Mutual Group 250

Milo Bay Company Inc 250

Accela 250

Allied Lomar, Inc. 2500

Health Net 1000

uscf medical center 1000

Sun Belle Inc. 500

Kaiser Permanente 1000

Ninetendo Of America 400

Kountoupes L Denham 500

University of California 250

Hospital Council Of N + Cent. Cal. 250

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