Heidi Hall

all_count 567
all_rank 494
chamber_count 508
chamber_rank 454
contrib_end May 19, 2013
contrib_start Jan 1, 2013
contrib_total 5280
district_holding {{{district_holding}}} [[Category:Politicians running in district {{{district_holding}}}]]
district_running 1
first_name Heidi
full_name Heidi Hall
gender F
last_name Hall
office_holding {{{office_holding}}} [[Category:Politicians holding office {{{office_holding}}}]]
office_running House [[Category:Politicians running for office {{{office_holding}}}]]
party Democratic
person_id 10565
state CA
status Not Yet A Statutory Candidate
Contributor Contribution

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 500

O'melveny & Myer 250

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